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- History

Lightique was first established in 1985 by David Smith and two other business associates, he was at the time an established electrical contractor serving the commercial industry and became very dissatisfied with the quality of products and poor delivery times provided by suppliers. From this dissatisfaction he decided that he could do better and created Lightique Limited.

Lightique started with a small but comprehensive range and quickly became established for quality and reliability. In its early years it employed several stained glass artists, tiffany style was extremely popular and there are still products around today that were produced by these very skilled people.

Within a 5 year period fashions changed quickly, David was keen to move with the times and of course expansion followed. In the following years his sons Neil and Gary came to work for the company, having worked there way through the ranks and after serving very arduous apprenticeships, from a very hard taskmaster, they are now joint managing directors of a very successful company, which has been built on strong foundations and steady growth provided by our most valuable asset, OUR CUSTOMERS. “The story continues”.

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